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Question:We all know about the famous boot. Most also know that he won the Batting Crown in 1980 with the Cubs. There also was one other major baseball moment that he took part in. What was it? And what did Buckner do in it?

Hint: Listening to the broadcast of this moment gives it away.


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When Aaron hit his 715th HR, breaking Babe's record, Buckner was playing left. You can see him try to climb the wall to get the ball.

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Hank Aaron 715.

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Long before the infamous Game 6 error, Bill "Billy Buck" Buckner was an oustanding hitter with the Chicago Cubs.In 1980, Buckner led the league with a .324 average and was 2nd in the league with 41 doubles. I Am not sure but I found this lol ill keep look at answers .

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After reading some of the answers it almost seems like he's Forest Gump. His picture pops up all over the place. lol

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Buckner climbed the wall but was unsaccessful to get Hank aarons record breaking homerun.

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