Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard?

Question:Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, David Oritz, or Derrek Lee?
Vladimir Guerereo, Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds, Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, Torii Hunter, or Manny Ramirez?
Derek Jeter, or Jose Reyes?


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1B: Pujols has a better lifetime batting avg., more power to all fields. David Ortiz may be underrated as a defensive player but even then his is well below Lee or Pujols' glove. Lee hits for high avg. but he can't stay healthy long enough to put up solid numbers consistently. My pick is Pujols.

OF: Vlad is a great mix of defense and offense. Sheff just can't compete in the defensive category, though his 440+ lifetime HR count for something. Bonds peaked defensively 15 years ago and offensively 5 years ago. You would have to combine both "Barry's" to get a Vlad. Beltran may be a slight step under Vlad though not by much. Torii is a great player but he misses that fear factor that makes him scary to face. Manny just comes up short defensively. My pick is Vlad, with Beltran a very close second.

Jeter or Reyes: Jeter is the model of consistency but his national exposure superceeds his skills though he has them. Reyes is more explosive even though he is a little rough around the edges defensively, but a leadoff putting up cleanup numbers with that speed is unheard of. My pick is Jose Reyes.

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derek jeter because hes so consistent all his 11 years in the league such a great hitter and leader one of the most clutch hitters in baseball

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pujols, bonds and derek

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I'll take ortiz any day over the others. he has a better lineup around him simply put.

i'll take a IN HIS PRIME barry bonds over any of the other guys. but as of right now (i'd take bonds second) to vlad.

ss-its not even a debate-you'd be stupid to take jeter over reyes. so i'm taking reyes.

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pujols, hunter, reyes, and beatles

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Albert Pujols is a champion, and he's set a precedent that is more than one season.
Bonds did steroids, so I'd pick Vlad, he's going to get 3,000 hits, 400 home runs.
Jeter's a champion.

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Howard, Sheffield, and Jeter.

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Howard will last the longest and hit the most homeruns. Pujois hits for good average, but may be starting to break down a little.

Manny Ramirez is the best hitter of the second group. Beltran will have the longest staying pwoer and can run.

Reyes right now is the most exciting player in the game.

Definitely the Beatles. They stayed true to what they were. Mick Jagger tried to do too many things with the Stones and they haven't done anything good since the 1960's.

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Pujols, Ortiz and Jeter

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