Is it correct to say taht Ron Guidry had the best Single Season by any pitcher ever?

He had a record of 27-1 with an extremly low era.. i dotn think anyone has come close.


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Neither Gibson nor Guidry had the best season. The best measure is a combination of ERA+(ERA relative to the much better you are.) and Innings pitched. That means you pitched well AND pitched alot.

To put that in context, Gibson's ERA was great, but it was during the season with the lowest ERA's on record.

Gibson's ERA+ that year was 258, compared to Maddux at 273 in 1994, and Pedro at 285 in 2000. Also, Gibson was 3rd in IP, while Maddux led the league in innings. Pedro was 7th in his best season.

So, among modern seasons, Maddux's 1994 season was better. Also, Maddux was at 259 in 1995, and again led the NL in innings.

By the way, complete games are great, but Gibson still didn't lead the league in innings pitched. As a matter of fact he only did that once. Maddux led the league in innings for five consecutive years.

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I would say no because they don't call the pitching award the Ron Guidry award. I believe it is called Cy Young.

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No... It is correct to say THAT (not taht) Ron Guidry had the best single season by any Major League pitcher ever.

Satchel Paige had some better seasons in the Negro leagues though.

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Ron Guidry never had a 27-1 record. His best year was 1978 when he posted a 25-3 record with an ERA of 1.74

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Ron Guirdy
25-3 1.74 ERA 248Ks in 35 games 16 complete games

Bob Gibson
22-9 1.12 ERA 268Ks in 34 games 28 complete games

i'd go with Gibson.

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Guidry's '78 season (25-3) was great, don't get me wrong. But I can think of a few that is more impressive in my opinion. Gibson and McLain in '68 were awesome, but Steve Carlton winning 27 games for a last place team in 1972 would get my vote.

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Ron Guidry did not have a 27-1 record it was 25-3 in 1978 and I would say no! Bob Gibson had a 22-9 record with a 1.12 e.r.a. in 1968. it is unbelievable that he could lose 9 games with that e.r.a..

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