Andy Pettitte returns, welcome home...?

we missed you love! I've always held a special spot for you in my heart, especially since you have the same birthday as me. Who else is happy to see the man back on our mound where he belongs?


Can you believe some people still don't think The Barry juiced up?

I am very excited to see him wearing Yankee pinstripes again! He is truly back where he belongs. He is not the same pitcher as he was, the Yankees can't get those three years back that he wasted in Houston, but I think he'll have a very good year. We really could have used him in '04, I don't think we lose four straight to Boston if Pettitte is a Yankee, but it wasn't to be. He should have gone down as the Yankees all time winning pitcher, but he left to go play in his hometown. He can go back there after he retires, right now we need him! Pettitte will always be a fan favorite!

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The "Pick off" King returns home where he belongs.

Advice on baseball?

Welcome back Andy! We missed you much! Maybe we can get Roger Clemens back also!

What is the name of the canadian pitcher in the major leagues in the 1940's also had the nickname Babe?

Welcome home to the Bronx where you belong, Andy. I too have never forgotten him and have always been interested in his pitching, even when he went down to Houston, but everyone knows he did not feel right, because Yankee Stadium was, is, and always will be Andy Pettitte's home forever. Welcome back, Andy!

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I'm an Astros fan and I'm not angry he left. He could go anywhere he likes, but I think it's ridiculous that he blamed the Astros for him leaving when he wanted to go back to New York. I'm not happy he left, but I hope he does well, until we see each other again. Then his ERA can shoot up a few runs.

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It's great to have Andy back home. To bad Bernie isn't around or the whole gang would be back together.

Can someone explain why Joe Nathan did not get the save in Saturday night's baseball game?

ME!! Welcome back home, long time no see. See if you can bring your buddy Roger Clemens back too

Anyone know where Hee Seop Choi is??

happy thank god it rained out yesterday because now i have a chance to watch him pitch got to go his pitching rigth now

go yankees

How about these 2007 Tigers? a red sox fan:-].but kool tht he returned

Does anyone remember if and when Lance Parrish hit a huge(maybe GS) at Tiger Stadium as an away player?

It's funny,I'm sitting here in Houston wearing a Yankees cap writing this.His best years were spent in New York and his approach to baseball was left there ,so fittingly he's back in the Yankee camp.I wish him the best...I remember when he was playing high school ball for Deer Park in Texas working for me at Godfather's Pizza.I went to see him once as an Astro,but it wasn't the same..

I would've loved to see him play for the Indians(my team)
Later- Andy fan (Jim)

I have third pick in my fantasy baseball draft.who do you think I should pick?

It's ok i guess but i see him all the time cause he lives in the neighbor hood next to me. How cool is that

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