Are any of the 1990 baseball cards worth anything and if so which ones and how much?

we have several of them and would like to know how much there worth


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Nope. Like many have said, from 1988 to 1994, the card companies went over board with supply due to card collecting popularity. There are just too many of those cards. Doesn't matter who is on the card. I laugh at the guy with the 1990 Bernie Williams thinking that it will be worth something when he gets into the hall of fame. The fact that there are probably half a million or more of those cards in existence will ensure that it will never have any value. Unfortunately for us, those cards will probably never have value in our lifetime due to the number in circulation. The same thing that makes diamonds, gold, etc valuable is rarity. Same thing applies to baseball cards.

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Buy a Beckett price guide and you'll find out. Cards from that era aren't as valuable because most of them are pretty common. If he has some special inserts those might still be worth something..but the regualr issue cards won't be worth much at all.

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In the 90's the manufacturing of baseball cards really exploded. Most cards and sets were produced more than the current demand.Go to your local sportscard shop and have the dealer explain how the Beckett gude "which is a pricing guide" works in determining a value for any cards. There are
quite a few factors in evaluating a price in a card. As stated
previously the key price cards are inserts cards and mainly rookie cards of a particalur players you are STARS of the game.

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IF you have a rookie card then maybe, for example I have a vintage 1990 Bernie Williams rookie card which will probably be worth some money when he gets in to the hall of fame.

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not really

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Basically every card from 1990-1993 is completely worthless. Recycle them so that better cards can be printed in the future. Seriously, those years are the worst. Very few worth more than $2 at most.

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Depending on cards you have, if you have cards from the 1990 Leaf set. The key cards in that set are the Frank Thomas and Sammy Sosa rookie cards, along with a second year Ken Griffey, Jr. card.

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