Amnbody else feeling happy about Mariano Rivera BLOWING IT!??



How about those Brewers?

It's always good to see the Yankees lose, especially if you are a Red Sox fan which I am. Rivera is a great closer and has been for the Yankees for years. He does, however, have trouble with the Red Sox and is having an all around bad year for him so far.


How far was utleys homer today?

No not really, Boston does that to him every year.

Do you think barry bonds is on steriods?

nope actually as your manager said you guys see him more then any other team and btw if hes in there that means we are winning

ESPN2 good idea?

I felt very happy.

At the top of 8th, the yankees lead 6-2 I stopped watching the game. Then when I looked at the web, I saw the headline Red Sox beat Yankees 7-6. I got really happy: the Red Sox got a come-from-behind victory.

And choke artist Mariano Rivera blew it again.

How come people said he is history's best closer yet he cost the Yankees the 2001 and 2003 WS.

Are all cities as obsessed with baseball as St. Louis?

Getting to be routine against my Red Sox. I love it.

Who will suck this season in baseball?

it was great to see vs. the sox. they have his number..

The stretch..the pitch? Did you ever get much out of listening to baseball games on the radio?

I loved it. Way to rally, Sox!! One down, eighteen to go ^^

Where can i find the Randall Simon video where he clocks the hot dogs in Milwawukee?

It's always nice to see that...regardless if it's becoming the norm.

At Fenway or at Wrigley? Where would you rather be this weekend?

I went to bed with a smile on my face!

I was just bummed that Pap could not come in and close them down in the 9th, so we could show how the torch of the most intimidating closer in the game has been passed to our boy!

What is perfect baseball weather?

Most of Mo's blown saves have come at the hands of the BoSox! Sweet. It's always nice to see the evil empire destroyed.

Who is dumb enough to go and pay this money to see these punks ?

No way! But he hasn't got to pitch in a save situation in over a week. The pitching staff of the Yanks are not playing up to par.

World series?

13th? BS versus the Sox, most of any team for Mariano. :)

I still have always loved that clip where he gets introduced 2005 Opening Day and gets a standing ovation. :P

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