A defense baseball question?

when a player turns for example a 6,4,3, double play or however u say it, what do the numbers represent?


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the numbers represent each position, like the 6 is the shortstop, the 4 is the second baseman, and the 3 is the firstbasemen. Every defensive player has a number ranging from 1 - 9

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6 is the shortstop
4 is the second baseman
3 is the firstbaseman

every position is represented by a number

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Each position on the field is represented by a number for ease of scoring. 1=pitcher, 2=catcher, 3=first base, 4=second base, 5=third base, 6=shortstop, 7=left field, 8=center field, 9=right field.

It's a lot easier to keep official score with the numbers than it would be to use the full position name. Score books would be a mess.

Any one else think MLB players are too babied nowadays?

The numbers represent the positions of the defensive players.
This is the numbers and the positions:
1- Pitcher
2- Catcher
3- First Baseman
4- Second Baseman
5-Third Baseman
6-Short stop
7- Left field
8- Center Field
9- Right Field

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3-1 baseman
4-2nd baseman
5-3rd baseman
6-Short stop
7-Right field
8-center field
9-right field

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The numbers represent the position, it's used for scoring a baseball game. Every position is given a number 1=pitcher 2=catcher 3,4,5 is 1st, 2nd,3rd 6=shortstop 7,8,9 are the outfielders from left to right.

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3-first base
6- short
7- left field
8- center
9- right field

its for official stat keeping but if u wanna know it its wat i said above

I know thw symbol of the NBA is supposed to me Jerry West. Does anyone know who the MLB symbol is?

Every position on the field is numbered,and every type of play has an alpha code. You combine the two in order to keep the score of any game.

The links below include details on the basics of keeping score. Give it a try. It may take a couple of games or so to get the jist of it, even on a basic level, but give it a try.

If you keep up with it, you'll probably begin to keep a more and more detailed scoresheet as time goes along. Even if you don't, though, keeping score is a way to help you to keep your own head in the game, and to help you begin to see patterns and to further understand what's going on.

Some people will tell you that "real fans" keep score, but real fans find a way of their own to stay with the game, and from there, to begin to think along with the manager. If that's by keeping score, then so be it.

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not exactly sure bout the outfielders guessed on that one

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they represent the fielder's numbers each position has its own number... a 6 4 3 double play would be a the shortstop fields the ball throws or flips it to the 2nd baseman who throws it to 1st base

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