Any rappers who are Los Angeles (LA, L.A.) Angels of Anaheim fans? Any music videos that feature Angels caps?

Question:You see tons of rappers wearing New York Yankees hats. Hell, you even see some (Mistah FAB) wearing Oakland A's hats:

The Game wears Dodgers hats, since he hails from CA:

So is there any rappers you've seen wearing an Angels cap? If not, any celebrities at all? Provide pics if you can.

And are there any music videos that have Angels caps? Look at all the hip hop music videos, you see Yankees, ChiSox, Cubs, Dodgers, etc. Any music videos you see that has Angels caps, and what's the name of the artist and song? Provide a link (eg. Youtube), if you can.


Aaron Miles jams his music loud in the club house?!!?

I've seen the game wear an angel's hat (my favorite team) but I don't remember what song it was from.

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The only thing rappers should be seen wearing is an orange jumpsuit as in prison.

What is the best ASA approved slow-pitch softball bat?

RAP SUX!! They all belong in prison rapping in the shower about not dropping the soap. If a rapper could actually touch a fastball I would laugh

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