Alex Rodriguez 2007 homerun leader?

Alex Rodriguez has 10 homeruns so far, and he is the leader in the MLB so far. Do you think he will win league for homers? If so, how many do you think he will hit?


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He has 12 now. Despite my hatred for A-Rod, he will get the most homers with about 60

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yes the 2007 homer run leader, but it will be a close race.

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i would like to correct you
he hit 2 more today
now he has 12

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Nope sooner or later He will have a streak where he turns cold and Albert Pujols has to break out of his mini slump soon. Howard when healthy will have the most homers for 07 with 58. Pujols with 50. A-Rod with 43

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I do not think he will win in the HR category. He will do well there, but not win it. As far as total goes, I would guess he will hit around 42 HR at seasons end.

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He's doing great now, but its too early to tell if he will be the leader.

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No he won't win, he'll hit his usual 40.

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I think he will be its not like he is going 2 go cold 4 months at a time he will probably end april with 15-17 HR thats more then any other player in any month (i do believe). I think he will lead the league in HRs and i believe he has a shot at breaking barry bonds record of 73 in a season. Nobody has gotten off to a hot start like this and i believe he is going 2 stay hot 4 a long time. He is out to prove people wrong and since he has a player option this year he can decide if he wants 2 stay at NY of leave another team and get another HUGE contract.

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J-Roll leads the national league ----- do you think that will last ? NO ! Ryan Howard will catch up trust me

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Without a doubt! Future homerun leader when he passes whatever Bonds puts up.

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Yes, he will most likely lead the league in home runs. Right now, he has 12 HRs, the most HRs to be hit in the month of April is 14 by Ken Griffey Jr. There are more then 10 games left in April he could beat that record. HE is red hot right now. This is not even his month. His month is always august. During the course of the season, he will get around I would say 67 or 68 homeruns.

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no big papi will surpass him

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Nope he'll tail off and hit around 35.

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