Am I doing well in baseball as a second baseman?

Question:The season just ended and heres my stats:

(I bat second and rarely third)

Battng Avg: .417


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That's decent, but like I told someone earlier, bulk up a little man. You've got to have one of three things to make the big leagues: Outstanding Speed, Great Power, or a Great Pitching Arm. If you had 15 Stolen bases added to that, i'd be impressed, but you don't, and you have no home runs. The field is only about 300 ft to dead center for HS, am I right? You definitely are doing great, but you've got a ways to go if you're hoping to go Pro or play College Ball. Good Luck man.

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Depends on what level of baseball you're playing. In a local rec league its ok, but not great. If this is AAU or high level high school ball those numbers are pretty good. It all depends on the level of competition. With that being said those numbers are solid from the 2 spot in the order, but you don't have enough power to be the number 3 guy. Looks to me like your a good contact hitter who would be best suited as table setter and not a middle of the order guy.

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Nice numbers but since baseball is a team game did all your good numbers help them win?

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The season just ended, are you a back up 2nd baseman? How many games were in the season? And how many did you start? Those stats are good, but it looks like either the season was short or you didn't get a lot of ABs.

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it depends how old you are if your in little league or babe ruth your in the average spread, if you play varsity on a highschool team you are doing phenomenal

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yea ur doing well, plus ur a middle infielder a real plus. middle infield pride. .im in the same situation u r. i played jv this year as a freshman and im moving up next year

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well considering that you are playing in high school
those numbers are very good.
the only 2 errors is important
and the no homeruns doesn't matter cuz your hitting 2nd in the lineup
and if ur hitting in the second spot consistently
youve gotta be good

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