Albert Pujols on steroids...?

I've heard people say that he's on the roids, but it really doesn't seem that way to me. He's got a little too much pudge on him for his age. His rookie season he was the same size just less cut.


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thats so silly of them to say. he's for sure not on anything.

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Doubt it, but anything is possible. i have more suspicion about brian giles and roger clemens than pujols

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I think he's on steroids. his production numbers were high way too early in his career. And he whined and complained that the media is picking on Bonds.

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it wouldn't be fair to point the finger. players tat have used steriods still need to have amazing hand eye cordination none the less. cerainly there's plenty other players that all of a sudden shot up n size while pujols hasn't, however it's not really fair to point the finger at anyone without more cause. even ozzie smith gained alot of muscle mass late in his career. who would have thought!?

REd SOx Or YANKees?

I wouldn't be suprise, but I doubt it. He wasn't skinny like Bond when he started, and when Pudge lay off the Roids...Go Tigers!!

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One of the consequences of the steriod era is that an all-time stud like Pujols comes along and just because he's awesome he falls under the cloud of suspicion. There's no way to know. But I do think that when it's all said and done, we'll find out that something like 80% of big leaguers were on some kind of juice - on both sides, pitchers and hitters. I think Caminitti and Canseco would both use figures like that. I also doubt that the recent steriod testing has done anything to really slow the effect of performance enhancers on the sport --- one case in point: Jason Giambi gets off steriods and sucks, they talk about shipping him down to the minors, then all the sudden he's great again? There's no way to test for HGH, not to mention whatever other ways they've found to get around the steriod testing. One more example, Kenny Rogers becomes one of the all-time great postseason picthers ... overnight? ... Is Pujols juiced? Maybe. But my hunch is he's a legit beast of a hitter who will always be unfairly dogged by rumors thanks to the idiots who really did take the stuff.

Where are all you Dodgers fans now ? Sf Giants beat 'em again ! It dont stop.?


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I hope Albert Pujols isn't in steroids, i want to believe that his swing is all strenghth, power and talent. I would be sad if he was found out useing steriods. I just sucks that now every player that is putting up big numbers will always be questioned like "was he on steriods"

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Doubt it. He's always been big going all the way back to HS.The more likely reason for his big numbers early in his career was his work ethic and age. Because like alot of players from latin america he's probably a couple years older than he says. He has one hell of a receding hairline. As a cardinals fan i hope he isn't older than he says but I really think he is.

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Where the hell did you get that idea?

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no! and Bonds isnt on it, but A-Rod is . GO TWINS

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