A question for major RED SOX fans...?

How come whenever the pitchers come out of the bullpen to pitch, they give a pound to the big police officer/security guard? Ive seen Beckett and Papelbon do it this year and I'm wondering why and when it started...thanks!


Question about the double steal in baseball?

I agree, its just a good luck thing. But if they start doing bad after the fist pound, they might have to stop. Its just like in hockey where skaters will hit the goalie's pads with their sticks. I've seen it in baseball where players will tap their bats on the catcher's shin guards.

I definitely don't know for sure though.

Which MLB pitcher had the best "light's out" season?

I have seen them to i think it is because the gaurds or going for the red sox so you no for good luck.

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