A Rod possessed by alien?

What the heck happened to A Rod. this off season? He is really on fire and I am stunned by it..I still don't like him but, he is just amazing right now and I have to respect his hitting...Please don't tell anyone I know that I just said that..lol...


Which brothers are responsible for hitting the most combined Major League Baseball home runs?

Yankee fans and media lit a fire under him, he came into this season looking to prove himself ...he is on a tear.

I drafted Matsuzaka thinking he'd light up the mound... should i keep him? i can't trade him off rite now...

Why are you stunned, he is probably the best player in baseball, just because your a sox fan you have to admit he is good and has been since he entered the league. Just like ortiz is a great player and im a yankee fan i can even admit that

Is barry zito married?

You're so sweet. Thank you honey. I know that hurt to say.

How do you think the MLB would be like now?


How about those Pirates?

Arod lost like 15 pounds over the winter,he said he wanted to get back in the shape he was when he was a shortstop!,he said he was too heavy last yr,He also sent a message to NY,If you don't respect me i'm gone!! So now if he has a great yr,the offers will come poaring in!

Who do you like better or would like to see on your team; Jeter or Reyes? Explain?

OMG Traitor!

Just kidding, ya hes good.

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