-- stadiumss?

I wonder why do the mets and Yankees have the crappiest stadiums in baseball ? and the knicks have the best basketball arena in the nba why !


Wrigley Field?

They are both getting new stadiums in a few years. I agreee Shea is crappy but Yankke stadium albiet old is a monument.

If you could pick an expansion team (new team) to be brought to MLB what would it be?

Thats just your opinion.
I frankly like Shea Stadium.
The Mets and Yankees are going to have new stadiums by
2009 - 2010 anyways.

Who will win the Cy Young award in the AL?

The Mets and Yankees stadiums are classic and they should not be changed. The best baseball stadium is Dodger Stadium and it is perfect. The Knicks do not have the best arena because that is in LA at the staples center that place is amazing

How many saw the giants-dodgers game tonight?

THats why they are building new ones.

Historic Yankee stadium will be destroyed..

Dice-K 100mph fastball?

The Mets and the Scum will be getting new stadiums and MSG is a dump

Did michael jordan ever have an official major league at bat?

the mets and yankees arent the crappiest. thats your opinion. i am a yankee fan and that hurt my feelings. yankee stadium is cool because of the short right field,so left hand batters can hit homers easy. and the mets stadium is cool. its kind of original. not too fancy not too plain

My little leaguer's timing (hitting) is way off. What can be done to fix this?


That's why they're both having new ones built. A few years, that's all, just a few years.

BTW, Mike Greenwell once found a nest of baby rats in his locker at Fenway. I'd say that that's got to be worse than either Yankee or Shea.

What is Green Day's newest song?

shea stadium is beautiful what r u talking about?

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