A question for those who are Hendrick haters?

Question:Ok, as you may have guessed, Casey's my favorate driver. I know a lot of you hate Hendrick (I jut hate the other 3 drivers 48,5,and24 not Brian Vickers in the 25.) Will you boo Casey next season just cause he drives for Hendrick? If so, why? If you already like Casey will you continue to cheer for him?

Has anyone else noticed the 25 naver compares to the rest of Hendrick? I think Ricky Craven was the last guy to win a points race in it...


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I stand and cheer when Johnson and Gorden wreck or better yet when someone takes them out. Like Bristol spring race when 17 says get out my way rainbow whiner! But there's something about drivers Mears, Vickers, Sorenson and even McMurry that you really want to see them win even if they are not your favorite driver. 25 has some great history to it. Craven did well in it 7 top tens in 1997. Nemecheck had 1 win in 2003 Nadeau a win in2000 Ken Schrader had 4 wins 2 in 1991and 1 in 1989 & 1988 (love his new little debbie commercial) Tim Richmod kicked a** in the 25 car 2 wins in 1987 and 7 wins in1986. Rick Hendrix himself drove the 25 car in 1987 because Tim Richmond made it look easy (winning) Rick Hendix finished at the back in his 1 race.

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No hope for Casey, once you join the 'dark side' you've sold your soul and lose any cred you had built up. They're probably already sending him to"cry baby, whiner school of lame excuses and how to blame others for your own mistakes" so he can fit in with the rest of the team.

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I do not boo the drivers you mentioned because of their car owner. I just don't like the attitude of Jimmy Johnson, Kyle Busch, or Jeff Gordon. They all seem like whiners to me. They drive aggressively when they need to, then complain when others do the same. I have no problem with Brian Vickers and non with Kasey Kahne, who ever he may drive for.

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There is a curse on the 25, no one has ever been successful in it. I like Casey, but if he goes to Hendrick then I will have to dislike him. Vickers, I dislike most of all Hendrick drivers, as he has caused several problems for other drivers.

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When i watch the race i dont pay attention to the teammates...i just pull for the people i like...oh and im with you i hate 24 too :)

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No, I will not boo Casey just because he is now signed to HMS. I'm a fan and will remain a fan of Casey. I am however not a fan of Jimmie, Kyle or Jeff but I do not boo them. However...if they cause a wreck and takes out one of my favorite drivers then I get upset at them.

I think that Casey had to go to a stronger team such as HMS if he wanted to win because Gnassi doesn't have it. I'm just happy that he went to a Chevy. While I would have loved seeing him at Joe Gibbs Racing I think that HMS might be the team that is best for him. I know that he is friends with Jimmie Johnson so I think that Jimmie is going to take Casey under his wings and mold him into a better and more talented driver.

And I think that there is a curse on the 25. If I were Rick Hendrick I would retire that number and get another number because nobody has won driving the 25 in lord knows how long.

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I'm not a Hendrick hater, although I'm not a fan of Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch. Jeff Gordon is okay though. I wonder if Jeff Gordon had something to do with Brian Vickers leaving the team. I don't think they get along. As for Casey, my second favorite driver, I think it will be a good fit for him. He is such a talented driver and he needs a strong team. Hendrick is definately a strong team. I think joining the Hendrick team was a very good decision for Casey. I think he's going to be awesome next year and I can't wait to watch him race.

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No, Casey doesn't annoy me. The other 3 do, (5, 24, 48). I kind of like Casey..

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Hendricks was cool back with Ken Schrader,and Terry Labonte.
To take some words from Forrest Gump;"thats all I can say about that".

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I love Hendrick and I wish they would get rid of Kyle Busch and let Brian Vickers stay and let Kasey take over the 5 car. Im not a Hendrick hater, they are my idols, and so is alot of other drivers but 24 is my all time idol I go nuts watching him on tv during the race. Why do you hate Jeff Gordon? Its because hes good. Their better then other drivers so instead of cheering for them and their other favorite drivers then they jsut hate them because its easier then to like someone whos good. People are going to hate Hendrick no matter what and if you like Casey and he goes to Hendrick hate to break it to you but you will be a Hendrick FAN! YEAH! GO HENDRICK! Someone is going to hate a driver and organization no matter what. GO 24, 48, 9, 8, and all my other drivers I like!

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Well sice GOrdon and Mears are my favorites, ill anser this. He has high hopes for the 07 in the GMAC 25 chevy. expect a suprzing finsh or a bad season. prolbey 11th 12th in pionts around there.

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It's not the owner I don't like, it's the prima-donna named Jimmie Johnson that I can't stand. I don't like Jeff Gordon because he picked JJ for his car. I like Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers, and wish Brian all the luck in the world with Toyota Red Bull next season.

Casey Mears is one of those drivers I like. I never liked Yates, but liked Elliot Sadler.

And the reason the 25 doesn't compare with the rest of Hendrick cars is that so many more resources are used for the 24 and 48 teams, and the 5 has a good driver who is getting a touch of what the other two have in way of equipment.

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I like Casey a hell of a lot more than Brian Vickers or the other three stooges. Maybe he can convince Mr. Hendrick to stop using that car for r and d purposes. I wish him well.

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I'm not a Hendrick hater, I am just a Kyle Busch hater, a Jeff Gordon hater, and a Jimmie Johnson hater. Does that make you feel better?

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