Adjusting crossfire fuel injection on a 83 camaro z28 305?


Where can i find parts for a 425 cid. motor?

Been down this road with an 82 Transam that had crossfire injection.

My recommendation for you is to replace the intake manifold and install a holley 4 barrel.

In the end you'll save alot of time and effort.

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Nice car! Wish I knew!

How can i make my 1991 3000gt twin turbo vr-4 run faster without harming the engine and my money?

I had an 82 Corvette with crossfire fuel injection. I don't recall any mechanical adjustments on the injectors because it was all computer controlled.

Your engine could sound like it needs injector adjustments if one of the injectors are gummed up. There's only two for the whole engine instead of eight like tuned port injection. You loose half your engine if one of them has a problem.

If you use cheap gas, make sure you run injection cleaner through your car about every third or fourth tank.

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