Am i the only bobby labonte and jj yeley fan?


Why are so many of the NASCAR driviers so short?


Why is the 350 chevy transmission better than the 700r4?

Bobby no, JJ Yeley yes.

Anyone else like f1?

i luv jj (his name lol jimmy jack but not real name hehe) i luv that sorry anyway i luv bobby to. i luv jimmie johnson the best but i still like jj and bobby
have a great day

What was your favorite and worst moment in NASCAR history?

Bobby yes, JJ not so much.

How many women are racing motor vehicles in competitive action?

I like both

Does anyone have extra tickets to Bristol next weekend?

Give J.J. a few years, and he'll have plenty of fans with his success. Advice: Buy lots of his stuff now, it will be worth money someday.

The race today .. NASCAR?

I like JJ, not Bobby so much. I've liked JJ since he was racing sprints

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