2007 Formula One Season?

Question:Here is the predicted season schedule:

1 Australian Grand Prix
2 Bahrain Grand Prix
3 Malaysian Grand Prix
4 San Marino Grand Prix
5 European Grand Prix
6 Spanish Grand Prix
7 Monaco Grand Prix
8 British Grand Prix
9 French Grand Prix
10 Canadian Grand Prix
11 United States Grand Prix
12 Mexican Grand Prix
13 German Grand Prix
14 Hungarian Grand Prix
15 Turkish Grand Prix
16 Italian Grand Prix
17 Belgian Grand Prix
18 Chinese Grand Prix
19 Japanese Grand Prix
20 Pacific Grand Prix
21 Brazilian Grand Prix

What do you think about the season, is it too long, should some races be cut out of the schedule


And Jeff Gordon starts 1st..NASCAR?

Who predicted that schedule? The teams would never, ever agree to a 21-race schedule. Last season was the longest ever and the teams only (reluctantly) agreed to a 19th race when a lot of extra money was produced.
You can strike a Mexican Grand Prix off your list, as well as a Pacific Grand Prix and possibly one of the two races in either Germany or Italy.

How do I get a job in Formula one ?

Does it matter? Did Shumacher retire yet? If not, he will win regardless of it the season has 1 race or 1000.

Earnhardt's decision to build a track and entertainment park in Alabama is a great idea.?

oh my...why so many races for one season

well, if alonso will indeed transfer to williams/bmw and shumacher is STILL driving for ferrari, either the championship will be up for grabs for both driver and constructor points or somebody will inherit the "dominance factor" and make F1 boring & pridictable...as it has been last past 6 years

if it becomes exciting again like the days of andretti, stewart and mansing then the long schedule might be justified

Do you know why people hate Jeff Gordon?

Bernie Ecclestone said the season will only go up to 20 races. The US Grand Prix is a race that you can cross out of the schedule, because BE said that it wouldn't be a loss for F1 if Indianapolis were out of F1 and the scandal in 2005 were wiped out of everyone's minds. Spa is out of this year's calendar due to upgrades that can't be finished in time for this year, but it will return next year. The Pacific GP will PROBABLY be at Suzuka if the FIA decide to bring it on. And there is some talk for a 20th race; options include Mexico, Russia and even a second race in Spain.

What would you do to imporve NASCAR?

I suggest some league races to be done to decide the qualifying team rather cutting down the venues

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