Any other sports star who earns more money (as a salary, not from sponsorship) than Michael Schumacher?


Can any speedway fan out there tell me, what happened to "The Golden Helmet".?

nope, he is currently the worlds richest sportsman by a long way and is currently worth more than 700 million+.

Dale jr. fans?

David Beckhem

Is anyone else getting sick of NASCAR throwing cautions for "phantom debris" ?

james bond

Why do teenagers like to drive boring front wheel drive 4 cylinder econo boxes?

No, Michael Schumacher earns the most! I'm sure

Who is Scott Zipadelli dating?

I think its between Michael Schumacher and Roger Federer.

Buying a scooter?

as far as salary goes no one earns more then schumacher including sponsorships only Tiger Woods earns more.

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