2004 Polaris Predator 90 ATV runs bad??

My sons 2004 Polaris Predator 90 ATV will stall when you give it gas. I have replaced the air filter and adjusted the carb but still the same. When I cup my hand over the air intake tube it will run good? Any help as to what I can do would be nice. Thanks


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You say it runs good when you block the air intake. That means the engine is getting less air, creating a richer fuel/air mixture. Remove the carb and clean it. The pilot jet might be restricted (clogged), and not allowing enough fuel to enter. Turn on the choke a little. If it runs better, then that's the problem - clean the carb.

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Sounds like the problem would haave to be a simple adjustment somewhere. I don't know exactly what though. If you live near a decent Polaris dealer, I would take it to them and see if they can give you an idea. I have friends that own a Polaris dealer and they told me that if a customer has a quick and simple problem that they can fix in just a matter of minutes, they will do it right then and there to get the customer going instead of having them leave it. Or call them and ask to talk with a service technician to see if he will give you an idea over the phone that you could try yourself.

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since u have putting ur hand over the intake tube u should be able to put something that would be able to hold the intake up so it would fun good again!!!

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You need to clean out the main jet of the carb. It is easy to get to and I can do it in about 5-10min. I'm 99% sure this is your problem.

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This same thing happened to me like you sad it would work we you blocked the intake tube. I took the carb apart and blow out everthing in it and it worked. I'm only fourteen and I did it so its not that hard and my quad ran as it was brand new after that,

I would be very careful to there is a spring that might pop out it happened to and make sure you remeber where everything goes and dont lose anyparts if you have anymore questions email me at joejoejoe6223@aol.com

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