2007 MOTOGP World Champ. Who you got?

Question:Let's face it, there is only 5 in the running.
Rossi, Hayden, Capparossi, Pedrosa & Melandri.

So what do you think? My 2 pennys worth..... ROSSI 46 !


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Well Rossi didn't do very good this year, he wasn't as constant and ended up losing the championship, so they (Yamaha Team) and Vale will have to work harder during this winter, if everything goes well for them, he can easily become the new champ again, no doubt in my mind, Vale is a living legend already, Capirossi and his Desmosedici did pretty good, lets see what the Ducati Team has to offer on the 800cc, as a matter of fact Ducati was the first 800cc prototype to be ready for 2007, but don't think Capirex can win a championship over The Doctor, Pedrosa is still adjusting to Moto GP, he has guts, but IMHO lacks a bit of professionalism courtesy of Alberto Puig, Dani should enjoy racing a bit more, he had a lot of pressure this year as a rookie and HRC Honda is the toughest team to work with, but Dani's advantage is his height and weight, Hayden could struggle on the 800cc..Melandri has advantages his height, weight if he keeps it down, he has courage, experience, learned a lot from Vale, he's a great pilot and when his bike is working 100% he usually does great..so he also stands a chance..lets wait and see the come back of The Doctor..despite all it has been an interesting season, next year will be something totally different...GO 46

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i'm all for rossi. then hayden. then pedrosa. but #46 will be #1 for a while to come.

Do you have a picture of the new porche cheyenne?

Don't discount the Suzukis!

That machine is looking to be a contender for '07

If they never ran another race would you watch reruns?

For me The MOTOGp World Champ will always be Rossi, FOREVER...
I Love him so muuuuuuuch..

Next year?
We'll see Rossi Revenge , fighting for his destiny as the World Champ...

Go Rossifumi!!!!
Never give up..

Help! What does this mean? English.?

When you say Moto GP, people in general think about Valentino Rossi. I've already forgiven him about his big error in the last GP when he have lost like a loser the title. Surprises may appear next year, too.but I hope Vale will do what he was suposed to do this year...

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