Another record for M:Shoemacher. The most disgrassed driver in Formula One.?

He is doing this dirty tricks over and over again.Remember how he pushed Damon Hill out of the race and became a champion?He is lucky he was not banned for 2 races for his unsportly beheavour yesterday.Absolutely disgraceful.He must retire while the going is good.


Where would i find past info on dixie race track 1970?

I remember in in 1994 and 1995 being a 16-17 year old lad and feeling sick about what he did to hill. He even tried it with J.V in 1997. What an Asshole!

Is a honda cr85 expert a good bike for a beginer?

He brings home the gold so he dont give a shite!

Schematic for 88 jeep wrangler?

no affence, but its great to see girls into cars! :)

How do you think Elliott Sadler will do in the #19 car?

I agree now is a good time to retire

Is there anyone who knows the website for presspass trading cards. they make racing, basketball cards, etc...?


Love it how you guys hate him :P

Being italian i'm used to him being praised like a god because he runs for the italian team, even the media are all behind him, it's sad.

Villeneuve rules even if he's not winning, at leats he stays true.

Is Richard Hammond going to be on Top Gear again?

No matter what, he is still the best driver around.

Who has met Kasey Kahne before?

I agree with you but you have to consider his talents for being champion for many years now. actually i like him, in compare of actors and other rich people i see in TV he is more real to me

Who will win the nascar nextel cup for the year?

He is a true sportsman. Things tend to happen. But he is the greatest formula one driver ever in recent times.

Know here to get a free atv/quad?very cheap?!.?

cheating is in his blood

How much horsepower does my motor have?

I also never liked Schumi :D Being a Damon Hill fan makes me used to hate him a lot. Well, now I don't really hate him anymore but I still don't like him.

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