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I know that at the end of the NASCAR racing season, they have some sort of event in NYC where the cars are displayed...I think it's different than the championship awards ceremony that is also held in NY. Can anyone tell me more about this event? Is it fun to see? Are drivers there or just cars? Thanks so much!!!


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Ok, hope this helps. NASCAR holds a week long event before the Awards Banquete, witch includes a parade o the cars in the top ten in points. The Champion gets to ring in the NYSE, plus all the drivers in the top ten also make stops at fire departments, the white house, and many other places.

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nascar is on right NOW

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They do display some cars in NYC and it is all tied into the awards banquet. Try checking NASCAR.com or one of the racing pubs at the end of the season for more info.

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it IS connected to the awards banquet. it's a week long deal, and yes the drivers are there and some of them drive the cars through NYC

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