Any Nascar fan's who like Jimmie Johnson, and/or Kasey Kahne?

Or any HATER'S of Stewart, Jr, Martin, Kurt Bucsh?


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I LOVE Johnson!!! and I definitly hate Stewart, I think he's a f*cking crybaby. I've honestly never seen someone make up so many excuses for losing a race!

I would like to get into Nascar and Indy what is the best way to get started?

I love Jimmie Johnson and tony stewart, and kasey kahne. i hate number 6 though.

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Well it should be the other way around.Any Nascar fan's who like Kasey Kahne, Stewart, Jr, Martin? Or any Hater's of Kurt Bucsh,Jimmie Johnson,Kyle Bucsh.I like everybody accept, Kurt Bucsh, Kyle Bucsh, Jimmie Johnson.

Who will win 2007 formula one championship?

How can you HATE Mark Martin! The guy is AWSOME! He is the least violent out there...

I cannot stand Johnson, he is such a Gordon want to be...

Let us review his Busch career... HE SUCKED!!!

Ok all u nascar u think Toyota should be allowed in Nascar or should it stay all american?

Hmm. I like Kahne, Johnson, Stewart, and Busch.

Would like to sell a valuable Nascar souvineir. How can I get what I feel it's worth?

I'm a Jeff Gordon fan simply because early on in his career he was booed heavily (and still is) because he wasn't one of the "good ole boys". The fact remains that he is the best driver on the Nascar circuit right now. I'm coming around to Tony because he can definitely drive his *** off too. He just turned me off early on with his bullsh*t antics. He can drive every bit as good as Jeff just doesn't have the championships that Jeff has.yet. Mark Martin - another great driver - just too nice to ever win it all. Kurt Busch - can't stand that idiot. That's the only person I was hoping Tony would knock on his *** just on general principal. Kasey Kahne - good driver with the best crew chief (my opinion) out there. If Ray Evernham would have stayed with Hendrick Motorsports, Jeff would probably have 6 championships by now. Jr.? - overrated. Shoes too big for him to fill. His Dad was "The Man". Sr. taught Gordon almost everything he knows in Nascar. Gordon said that in an interview right after Dale's death. Now for Jimmie Johnson - a real good driver that's consistant. He's benefitting from learning from Jeff, as he should. I still pull for him though because 1) he's Hendricks and 2) he's Chevy.

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I dont like Johnson, I hate kurt busch. But I really like Kasey Kahne he is HOT!, I like Martin and Stewart is good.

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i luv jimmie so much he is my favorite and kasey aint bad either but i luv jimmie more i like stewart a little i hate jr. with a passion he is such a luzer and kurt busch is a on n off thing sometimes i like him somtimes i hate him
have a great day
n go jimmie getta 4th win already lol

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#1 root for kasey kahne----jimmie-stewart+martin a thumbs up---never was a stale eggfart jr. fan---kurt + kyle havent made to many friends on or off the track including me

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Stewart, Jr, Martin, Kahne are all top shelf. Johnson, a good driver but a whinner who won't own up to his mistakes. The Busch bros need to find another career before the other drivers take the law into their own hands and run those two out of NASCAR.

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I love JEFF GORDON and JIMMIE JOHNSON. My Hendrick boyyyyzzzz are rockin. Kasey Kahne is blah. He doesnt do much for me. I HATEEEEEEEEE whining tony stewart and JR. Last season i really didnt like Kurt Busch, but for some ODD reason i kinda like him this year. I dont root for him but i dont mind if he does well. BUT JGordon remains my TOP PICK forever. Theres no beatin that 24 team. I think Jeremy Mayfield is cool too--

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i love kasey kahne, i guess johnson is ok, i know i'm going to hear about this one but i do like kurt busch, aka bad boy, stewart is a whiner but i do have to say that kahne studied his record last december after last season was over and also studied martin's record and he's doing alot better now so that should say something about martin and stewart's driving record, jr, i don't really care for that much though. i can't tolerate biffle, edwards and kyle busch, they have this attitude, especially that kyle busch. blah on kahne, you must be blind!!! he's a hottie, when i look at his eyes, i melt, they are soo hott, and his driving ablilty is awesome too

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