Any guys into street bikes?

What would be the ideal birthday present for someone... LOL...Besides a new bike? Like accessories,etc.?


What can i do to my 1988 Dodge Ramcharger to make it flippin sweet?

Well for the bike i would go aftermarket pipes (for a nice sound/louder ) or a tinted screen may be a cheaper option. For the rider i would go for a new helmet or a second pair of gloves (eg. for wet weather riding). But if it's for your man you should get yourself some hot leathers, i'm sure that would impress any guy with his hot girl on the back.

What do F1drivers do in the 5 months break before the next season , do they still work ?

Sure love, I like street bikes.

if you want to give me one as a present that would be nice :) Oh, please don't forget the helmet !

Hmm. Accessories would be OK, but I'd need a load of them because I would have to the my bike from them then.

Did earnhardt jr die in july 2006?

Get him a jet kit for the bike. or a performance muffler,or even a nos kit. Or if he doesn't have them. Get him some nomax clothes. Its the stuff pro bikers where in case they crash. It keeps them from getting to scraped up

What is a camber kit for a car?

anything that looks nice

10 days until CATALUNYA what will happen this time?

Gift certificate at his bike shop

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