Any other Jr fans dissappointed?

Im not dissappointed in Jr but in the situation. Yep I even cried a littel but i guess it is what it is and hes MATHMATICAL still in it but hell need a small mirical for it to happenm. Well next year for sure right?


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Yeah, he could still win if Johnson crashes or something. But that probably wont happen. Oh well, he'll win the cup next year for sure. He'll have 2 teammates next year: Truex who might just be able make the Chase next year and Menard who might be able to help. Jr's had a great season and I'm happy for him. If it werent for Louden, Pocono, and Tallagdega (Vickers), it'd be a completely different situation. So dont be upset with Jr's situation cause its not his fault at all.

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Maybe we'll all get lucky next week and Johnson blows up.

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let put it to you this least he was in the chace this year and Talledega race really knocked him out ...he has been in the top ten for the past few races but Johnson has been even better!! Yes lets hope he does better next year!!

Why do those who bash certain NASCAR drivers just say 'I hate so-and-so' and stop using idiotic insults?

I'm just glad that he made the chase. Sure, he probably won't win it, but he can finish 2nd or 3rd. The #8 team will get 'em next year..

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Disappointed? No, but then again, I'm not a Jr. fan. Sorry.

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We'll get 'em next year! We're gonna win some major races, 6 to 7. 2007 is the year of The Junebug, so get ready it's gonna be one hell of a ride!! #8 Forever

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You cried? Really? Like Real tears? Sure your not a Gordon fan?

Jr fans dont cry.. EVER!!!!

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He still has a few races to show everybody what he is made of...but if he dont get it this year then next year for sure :)

Go #8

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I am very DISSAPOINTED. Im tryin to figure out how Matt has stayed in front of us for the past 3 weeks when we have ran better than him!! And we even finished better than him!! Is NASCAR not ready to give the championship to another Earnhardt again?

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he ain't going to make it next year. it was just luck this year. he can't drive and the only way he can get anything done is if he cheats his way through it

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You gotta believe in Jr.. Hey, if Jimmy Johnson can make-up 150 points in a race so can Dale. And this Stewart fan above me is just cryin' and jealous because the large man on the fence, choked all season until the past few races. Earnhardt can do it, we just got to stand behind him no matter what.

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Talladega did hurt Jr. as well it did hurt Jimmie, but Jimmie is the point leader. I think what it did hurt Jr. chances to win the cup was his late spin in Martinsville.

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Junior has time to win if he and the team will focus their efforts on the 2007 season.Yes he is still in the chase but with the out come the past couple of races I think next year is the best bet.

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He's mathematically still in it, so that definitely counts for something. I have to say that I'm not really disapointed because he's had a GREAT year, and he's done so well! If he doesn't get it this year, he has many years ahead of him to get that cup. He's young and he's talented and he will only get better! And hey, there's still a chance right?

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junor is like a spoiled little boy when things don't go his way. it is not tony jr. are the pit crew fault. on the radio he said he was going to get out of the car and get the f out of there. real good championship material. notttttttttttttt

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