ANY JR FANS? What do yall think he'll do in the next 2 years.?

I think if no cup this year itll be there next ear for sure!!!


If you could marry a NASCAR driver, who would it be? Why?

i agree with you and papabil. he has gotten better as the year has gone on. in his first full year with tony jr. as his crew chief(from 2000-2004 tony sr. was crew chief and tony jr. car chief), they started out so-so but they have gotten stronger and stronger all year long. they have run well enough during the chase to win the title, but they just haven't gotten the finishes. they led for a while at kansas, talladega, and atlanta, and have been strong at every chase track. i think next year is going to be juniors year. i think they're going to come out of the gate strong and not look back. that budwieser team is really starting to gel.

Who do you think will win the grand prix?

pro'ly run a li'l more 'shine for my daddy!

Who was the girl with dale jr. at talladega?

I think he'll race

What is Dale Earnharts web racing addy?

Think he will be better with Eury back, but their whole team just seems not to get it together lately...
Tony fan here, but any Earnhardt is cool...

Is there a NASCAR Nextel Cup driver you just cannot stand? Why?

dale jr is not even that good. first of all, he didn't win rookie of the year, second of all, kenseth came into the league the same time jr did and has already won one championship and is close this year. Do you honestly think that Dale Jr will ever win a championship. It's a possibility if nascar helps him. They always black flag everybody but dale jr anyways so maybe if penalties go in dale jr's favor, he might have a shot at it

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i hope he doesn't do well. not a fan.

Who would be your top 5 driver's in Sunday's race?

I would say he'll STINK just like he always does!

What cause my car stering shaking?

This year is probably the best he will do with DEI. They just can't seem to give him enough good cars. Now if and when he goes to RCR, it will be another story.

Anyone know anything about Dale Earnhardt Jr. ?

Junior is on the verge of winning the championship.The timing is better and the team is getting more consistant and I think that 2 years may be right for him to win the championship.

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suck just like he does now. in 3 yrs he will be in the black #3.

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Just keep turning left, what a boring form of motor sport.

Racing Question; on the show Pinks, before the racers line up, why do they spin their back tires in water?

I agree with you. I think he will win the nextel cup next year.

How old is Tony Stewart?

he will challenge for the NEXTEL CUP the next 2 years and possibly win it this year,he will be more succesful then ever thought and he will win about 7 races in the next 2 years those are my predictions

What do you all think of jensons win? Lucky, sooo lucky... I dont think he'll win again. F1 is boring now.

In the next two years? Jr. who? He might make a good commentator.

Oh yeah people and in case you are wondering- the cup belongs to Jimmie this year!!!

Anybody know cromers ridge in Kentucky?

I think in the next two years JR will improve his personal team as well as DEI and I think that there is a good chance that he could have a Cup in his hands.Thank God Tony Jr and he desided to be family again!

Is there prep cost for a new bike?

he'll keep race'in, he'll get older and he'll get hotter

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