`The worst car ever made? Yugo, Vega, Gremlin, Pacer etc.?

Years ago Esquire magazine put together a list of the ten worst cars. The Chevy Vega headed the list.


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Trabant: plastic body, 2-cycle engine. The curse of communist East Germany. Cars made in China during the 1980's are probably some of the worst in the world, only other countries didn't have to suffer with them

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My father had a pacer...was that the ugliest car in history or what. But, worse than that had to be the Ford Pinto...any car that explodes on impact has to be one of the worst...

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There were some checoslovakian cars called SKODA which were pretty damn awful. WOuld start rattling the second you got out of the dealer. Also, lets not forget the utterly atrocious Chevy Corvair...

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fiat panda.0 to 60 in 19 seconds need i say more?

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Ford Fiesta.

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I had a Ford Pinto, and even though I got hit in the rear, no, it did not explode on impact. That rumor was 'blown' way out of proportion, lol
It was a tough car, too, for all I put it thru.
I'd have to say the Ford Escort was the worst. My exes caught on fire so much, she called it the Escorched!

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The Yugo, a 3.5cyl with no style or shape.

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Plymouth Cricket,& Chevy Monza

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That list could be quite long. Don't forget, there were thousands of car companies in the first half of the last century, many of which died because they cranked out substandard machines; the rest croaked either from the dire economic times in the Depression or shortly after the war, when the likes of General Motors made it impossible to compete.

But we prefer to focus on the duds we know and love to hate. That'd be the classic bombs of the post-war years, cars that had no business rolling down the highway--ever--and yet some of which became big sellers despite having hideous designs, awful engineering, wretched build quality, and sometimes all three.

By the way, we are aware that some of the cars on this list weren't the last of their kind, but they are here to remind us of just how bad it got, how wrong car design and production could be.

And we also know that this list is far from complete.

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the Hyundai PONY or a Lada top my list

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The pacer rocks I had one and it was green and white. Now it's gone to junk yard heaven ,so I thought... then about 3 days ago I saw it resurrected in not to bad of shape mind you the thing was running totally perfect. Could it have been? I guess I'll never know :{

Just tell me who was the oner of hayaabushaa bike in india?

The Italian designed Isetta by BMW. BMW seems to have a penchant for small, ugly cars from other makers, like the Mini. The Isetta was a tiny egg shaped car that seated two. The entire front of the car opened to get in, it had no hood. The lawn tractor sized engine was between the two rear wheels that were so close together that many thought it had only three wheels. When Isetta went out of business, BMW bought the rights to build them. Search "Isetta" to see a picture of one.

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The Trabant, built in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). It was built with alot of plastic and a terribly dirty engine. Naturally we never had it in North America. You may find it amusing, but there is a budding collector interest in these cars.

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