Alonso, a cry baby ? if things don`t go his way, he seems to sulk and whine a lot... what do you think ?


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My sentiments exactly. Last time it was an incident in the pits that "damaged" Alonso's car. Now it is Massa's driving! Cant wait for the next one...

You might have seen how he tried to squeeze out Massa and then his re-entry into the track, quite uncharacteristic of a WC. Button atleast acknowledged his blunder, Alonso doesnt have such finesse.

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i don't like the guy because i hate Ron Dennis and he drives from him. and because he abandoned Benetton and flavio briatore. but truth has to be told that he is no cry baby, i mean he was pressurized by schumacher last year and he did not miss a beat. he is good but the media is overwhelming him with an over confident and talented Hamilton.

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Schumi's gone, get a life.

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I'm not a fan of Alonso, to put it politely, but I do also feel sorry for him. If I was in his situation (I wish!!), being under the pressure from the 7 time world champ would not be such a bad thing..I mean, I would relish and love every minute of it!! If you win, you're a hero, if you lose, well, you lost against the 7 time champ!
But getting beaten by a rookie would be no fun whatsoever! I would be very pissed off indeed!!

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Yeah i think it's true because Alonso just can't accept defeat. 2 times world champion shouldn't behave like that u know. Schumi 7 times world champion also never blamed others. That is what we call professional.

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i totaly agree with u
last year he & flavio blamed shumi in monaco..

now hes blamin massa---this is his speech----"he thot he was ahead of massa but massa didnt know it.(what a crap) was massa's dangerous driving...(every1 wants 2 pass othr in racing)"

he jus cant take it bcoz massa has beaten him & so as lewis hez blamin othrs....

i also agree with mig-31 firerox....

....cavallino just shut up & get lost bcoz alonso is not gonna win anymore race dis year..

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I think that Massa IS guilty for the incident and Alonso has right to blame him!!!

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He was so unhappy yesterday that it was quite funny! Him and Kimi both had hissy fits when things didn't go their way! However, you've got to remember, he's world champion and it was at his home race so he wanted to win for his fans - you've got to feel sorry for him (I think even if you're not one of his biggest fans) - I mean, he's being outclassed by his younger, less experienced team-mate - it's got to be a kick in the teeth. However, he chose to make the move he did, when he did it - surely that's the whole point of racing? I think his nose was out of joint for not winning, and, perhaps more so, for being beated by Lewis Hamilton (again). They didn't exactly seem best of friends on the podium after the race did they?

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In auto racing, isn't it always someone else's fault when there are problems? Alonso has earned the chance to complain a little harder due to his championships.

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