Ah, The Age Old Debate! Which form of motorsports is better "racing" ?

What's the most entertaining form of motorsports? Is it, NASCAR - IRL - CHAMP CAR - F1 - RALLY - OTHER? Explain why too!


How do I find a good mechanix?

Nascar! as, though enjoyed by many adults there are also many children that love it!!

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Subject closed !!

Did AMC make their own transmissions?

NASCAR is # 1 in my book for entertainment, but Formula 1 is stunning because of the high tech involved.

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NASCAR, hands down. Created by rednecks who started began outrunning police on moonshine runs when they were 13, its gotta be better racing. More drunk fans sounds like fun, too.

How to play this game, can you help?

Well, Being a redneck from Texas i'd have to say NASCAR is the best... I enjoy watching IRL though, They really run some amazing speeds!! Champ Car is too much BS.. I wish Paul Tracy would just come to NASCAR or IRL and let CHAMP CAR fall apart.. Screw Sabastian too! F1, and Rally I cant really get into @ all.. And what is MOTO GP? lol jk

Who's your favorite Nascar driver?


Is it harder to do a stand up or sit down wheelie in a sport bike?

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I have some motocross boots that are a little snug and I need to strech them. Any ideas?

I prefer USAC and UMP.

Who LOVES Tony Stewart?

Karting! More entertaining because I get to participate instead of watch!

Has there been any non opened wheel cars entered in the indianapolis 500 race?

WRC baby! Rally drivers do the most outragous things in persuit of victory! It's also the most exiting to actually DO. And the most scary.

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