Any predictions for Monaco Grand Prix 2007?

Mine is Alonso wins, Hamilton DNF, Kimi on podium!


What do you think about the Schumi incident this weekend?

alonso never leaves 1st position> hamilton comes in 2nd >> massa will finish 3rd

What do you think of Boris Said?

kimi will surley win this race and runner up will be massa

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hamilton 1st
alonso 2nd
massa 3rd

Which circuit was best for F1...Brands Hatch or Silverstone?

You got to be crazy to say that.

Kimi on podium? He starts at 16 PLACE. GET REAL.

And Alonso sucks at wet driving. Hamilton and Sutil (among others) were surprisingly fast on the wet in Saturday qualifying.

And there is a 80% chance of rain on Sunday. So, don't let the current Grid Positions to stand.

IMO, this is going to be the most unpredictable GP.

Will itv ever release an f1 cd?

We all know what happens to a car that stalls on the grid before the parade lap!
Wishful thinking nonetheless.

I have always got my predictions wrong in Monaco in the last ten years...

Anyways Mine is

1 - Alonso
2 - Hamilton
3 - Nick

McLarens usually have a pretty good chassis and have been good around the Streets of Monaco.

I remember there was a race (Beleive it was in Monaco) which was abandoned due to rain. A race where those who had not noticed Senna really sat up and noticed him. Driving a Lotus he flew in the rain taking chunks of Alain Prost. The professor was known for his aversion to rain. The race was abanoned and with all due respects to Prost, saved his face. Senna was left fuming..

I haven't seen an abandoned race in a while.

Is it necessary to have any knowledge of small engines previous to getting into go kart racing?

McLaren 1-2
Ferrari 21-22

Is a 1985 2m4 ponticac fiero all wheel drive?

I predict a BMW surprise with a little help from a safety car situation. Kubica has teething problems with this seasons tires, the drivers can not be as aggressive in the corners in comparison to 2006 Kubica is used to braking into a corner as is Albers (Spyker). But Monaco is a maximum down force circuit everybody has difficulties with graining on the tires when it's dry and rain is always the great equalizer. Kubica is immediately more competitive. BMW is also on a heavier fuel load, at least heavier then Mcl and Fer.

About the safety car situation: I think DC is always strong on the Monaco track but is very pissed at getting the penalty in qualifying. He will try to overtake at all costs and he will be the cause of the safety car situation. Teams can not pit in the first lap of the safety car. Drivers have to follow the SC for one lap while the pit remains closed. Meaning everybody that does pit will automatically be last of the field. Since BMW will not have to pit early this is an advantage.

Massa split the Mclarens in Q2 I believe, no reason there to have more fuel onboard (a heavier car also invites mistakes) so that leads me to believe he also showed true speed in Q3 0.241 seconds behind Alonso.

1- Alonso
3- Heidfeld or Kubica

How much are tickets for the 2006 Score Primm 300?

Unfortunately, I think Hamilton wins.

Kimi on the podium? Yeah right. Massa will probably put it in the wall in the rain and Mclaren will leave with a 20 pt. lead in the constructors championship.

Your Favorite current NASCAR driver?


Any1 likes go-kartin?need help.?

I'm afraid it will be Alonso,I don't like him,but he will be the first
one,the pole position.that's Monaco,for me it's not a Grand Prix,the whole town is hardly bigger than my pocket

Why do all the Formula One fans here insult NASCAR and its fans?

You know F1 is so unpredictable, before qualifying I would have said Kimi having won in 2005 and doing very well last year before his motor quit. Kimi really needs to get his act together, or he may get the boot after his contract is up, they want Schumacher back, no doubt. But tomorrow I would have to say either Alonso or Massa. Hamilton won't win. Massa however is belived to have significantly more fuel than the two Mclarens. We will see what he can do. Also look out for the BMW's.

Does anyone know of a website where I can watch the Formula 1 motor racing. Thanks.?

God Oh god I just wish That DC will give us a good show...I bet that he will crash a couple of cars one being Kova`s and the other Kimi`s.
I remember when DC used to be piss at Schumi he used to do everything to get him off track.

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