***what shall i buy a 2 stroke 26cc petrol remote control car or a nitro whats the difference***?

Question:***what shall i buy a 2 stroke petrol remote control car or a nitro whats the difference***?
hi all i want to buy a remote control car but whats the difference between a 2 stroke that uses a mix of Petrol (93#)/engine oil mix (25:1 ratio) and the nitro ones.. the one im looking at has a 26cc water cooled engine..2 stoke engine is that the same as a lawn mower engine...


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Go with the nitro. with the gas mixture hardly anyone uses. I have a traxxas T-maxx which is nitro and it is awsome. even though nitro costs $25 a gallon it is worth it. there are different nitro % you can buy for your car. Traxxas makes up to a 33% nitro. If this is your first time with a high performance rc car a T-maxx will be a good starter car. The t-maxx is a nitro monster truck. there are plenty of upgrades for it and it comes with reverse a feature most nitro cars dont have. After you develop your driving skills you can pull off tricks with it. ex. backflip frontflip double back flip. The t-maxx 3.3 comes with a whelie bar for when you lift the front tiers off the ground. what ever you do dont get the gasoline mixture car. They will give you a headace. Traxxas also has a support line to help you fix your car when it breaks. All nitro cars need ajusting fixing and tuneing regualy

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NITRO! 2 stroke is OK but Nitro is better. Your wrong about lawnmowers they can be 2 or 4 stroke. I have a Nitro Focus and it shifts, cannot be beaten (except by another Nitro perhaps). Go for it, get a NITRO!

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