American Formula One Drivers?

How many American Formula One drivers have there been in the history of F1? Including test drivers.


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There have been very many. Yes, Dan Gurney was one -- he had 4 wins, and Eddie Cheever drove in many F1 races, not just testing.

Unfortunately, my two favorite American drivers, Al Unser Sr and Al Unser Jr never drove F1.

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In the recent past, there have been NO american f1 drivers.
However, for season 2007, Scott Speed is an american racing for STR Ferrari, and Marco Andretti who tests for honda.
In the past, the andrettis were the american drivers. Mariao Andretti
Nelson Piquet Junior, is a South American (Brazil) driver

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Not entirely sure, but there have been quite a few. Two were World Champions (Phil Hill in 1961 and Mario Andretti in 1978). Today, it's not entirely sure Scott Speed will retain his Toro Rosso seat, but he was the first American driver for 13 years in the sport, first one since Michael Andretti's disastrous 1993 season for McLaren (made especially more disastrous by the fact that his teammate was... AYRTON SENNA.)

Edit: Mario Andretti will be driving in Indy Car racing this year, but in 2008 he has all the chances to get a highly advantageous testing seat with a big F1 team. That's a good springboard for 2009.

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the above answers are correct, you can also add eddie chiever and dany sulivan to former american f1 drivers, i believe dan gurny "might" have been one also, i know he was in le mons racing in the suxties but im not sure

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Currently, there is Scott Speed as a full time driver in STR/ferrari. He is in his 2nd year in F1 and has very limited results so far.
Marco Andretti (Michael's son and Mario's grandson) is in a test role now but that usually leads to a drivers role later.
Michael Andretti was a driver for about a season in the 90's but was not very good.
His father Mario Andretti, won the F1 world championship in the 70's.
Phil Hill was in f1 for many years in the 60's and also won the world championship.
Dan Gurney was a car owner and builder in F1 in the 60's/70's and drove a little and won races but never won the championship

Others who have actually raced in F1 with limited success:
Jim Hall (in the 60's)
Masten Gregory (died in other racing before much success)
There have been a few others with limited experience but these are the most successful since the 60's - I don't know much about F1 before the 1960's.
Eddie Cheever in the 90's tested only.
Jeff Gordon supposedly has been offered tests but has turned them down.

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currently scot speed

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