1935ish Austin ruby?

Question:I have heard that these baby cars were actually made into
racing cars pre war. Seems very improbable, 7H.P. was
never much power. Does any older gent know further info;
on this, Where did they race and did they ever come in third?
Do you know of a website with the "Gen" Thanks.


Kimi: stay at Macca or take on the Prancing Horse??

The austin 7 was made with various bodies saloon, van and a two seater sports was also made
They were raced by clubs in many places including the famous Brooklands circuit in Surrey.
The unmodified side valve engine could achieve speeds of over 80 MPH

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I'm not old enough really but I do know that BROOKLANDS was a famous car race track of the time, you may find out more doing a search on them?

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well you can race anything if its up against a simliar car/engine..i have my doubts as pre-war race cars were doing 150mph in 1925.top speed of the Austin that my dad had maybe 60+mph...

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