2007 Champion?

Now that M Schumacher is gone, who is your money on to win the '07 Championship?


How can i get a sponsor for motorcycle racing ( the powersport series)?

surely one of the ferrari racers,raikkonen or massa. Renault won't stand a chance with the Brigestone tyres. Maybe massa because he has a year of experience with the Ferrari team and that would give him a bigger advantage. On the other hand, Raikkonen has learned more tactics from his overall expeience. It is a tight battle. So this year's battle is not to be missed!

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Alonso or Kimi

But being a brit I would like Jenson to win :o)

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Who's you fav IRL driver?

Aye, probably Alonso or Reikonnen. Most likely Kimi as he's with the more reliable team.

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Ralf schumacher

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I never bet money, but I think the team title will go to Ferrari, the individual to Reikkönen or Alonso, with Massa as a dangerous outsider (dangerous more for Alonso, of course). Or will we be surprised?

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I think this one will be very tight!!
Kimi might edge it as his got a big backing and Ferrari have got a fighter on their mono
Since Leaving Renault,Alonso has become a spoilt guy and his most recent performances has not impressed me!

What do u think is better in a demo derby a chevy or a ford?

gotta be lewis hamilton!

Does anyone know how to get my kid into racing, he is 4 years old?

Alonso .

When a driver in NASCAR wins a race how is the money didvided?

Not sure I would like Alonso to win but its bound to be Ferrari as they have the knowledge of the Bridgestone tyres.

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Massa - with luck! Would love to see him be able to step out of Michael Schumacher's shadow and do his stuff.

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I would like to see Massa be the champion but I think it will be Kimi.

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Alonso and Raikkonen are favorites, but Felipe Massa could be a dark horse.

Kimi is very fast but having to get used to a whole new mentallity at Ferrari and probably feels more pressure now they haven't won the championship for 2 years./
Alonso is used to winning but is arguebly in a worse car.
Massa proved last year he is quick and can win races, knows the Ferrari race mentallity and has less pressure than Kimi and Fernando as he is not the number 1 in the team. The championship will be won by either Raikkonen or Alonso, but Massa will beat the other one.

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I don't know because I haven't seen Fernando Alonso and how he is in the new car. That's probably what it depends on.

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Kimi Raikonnen

John Force Question?

i guess Kimi
or Massa the most experinced on Bridgstone tyres..
however i hope Kimi

Who thinks what Jeff Gordon did to Matt Kennsth was payback ??

felipe massa or kimi raikkonen...

massa had more chance thn kimi, but wait & watch...

jeson button is gud tho but honda is not.....

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Raikkonen breaks cars, and the Ferrari is fragile. 0% chance of being WDC, 60% chance of finishing HALF the races.

Massa? He will win no more than ten races in his career. He's another Barrichello, and that's not a compliment.

Kovaleinen? If this were his second or third year, possibly, but not as a rookie, and by 2009, the Renault won't be up to the task.

Fisichella? You've got to be kidding. He was 2 seconds a lap slower than Alonso in 2006, and his skills are fading.

Hamilton? He will be to Alonso as Villeneuve was to Hill in 1996, but with fewer wins. No chance of winning, but definitely second or third in the title chase.

Heidfeld and Button? Only is BMW-Sauber and Honda both made three year improvement in one off-season, otherwise they'll be top five with perhaps one win each.

Does anyone else have a chance? Only if it's decided on a Playstation.

Alonso will break Mansell's record for wins in a season and clinch the title at Spa, if not earlier. (Scumbagger did not break it, he couldn't win without the best car and inferior competition.)


Y is there so many rivalries n beetween nascar fans!!?

Kimi Raikkonen definetely.

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