Anybody here coming to the TT, it will be good, centenary celebrations all around?


How does NASCAR know when a tire is loose after a pit stop?

How many will be killed this year?

Where do i go to find how much collectibales are worth?

It's a great event but the safety of the TT (and Paris Dakar rally for bikes) really need looking at.

Nascar Fans..?

Wish i was going but couldnt get booked in anywhere , i have already booked for next year though ! hope you have a good time if your going !

What are the knee pads motorbikers wear made of? How do they work?What's the principle behind it?

i wish i was - maybe next year - when i've got the funds. have a blast though.

Is ward burton going to race in nextel cup for 2007?

Unfortunately not this year, but you can guarantee it will be huge!!!
I will be thinking of you from the warmth of my sofa when it decides to lash down with rain. Still rather be in it though.

What is the average lap speed at Phoenix raceway?

would love to be there but the IOM has no vacancies that week. I'll have to stick to my local Ulster grand prix and the North West 200. (by the time the guys have finished the North West 200 there bikes will be perfected for the TT)

Have a great week, and I wish all the riders a safe week.

At what degree should I set the timing for a 1978 datsun 2wd pickup?

tried but cannot get accomadation.booked for southern 100 instead

If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?

I wish! Swantz is supposidly racing this year isn't he? Love to see him in action again. Been to long since i've seen that man at his best.. Oh sorry was i dreaming again...? Have fun!

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