All wheel drive vs. four wheel drive?


I hav a kx 125 '02 model. how much do pistons cost?

And the winner is AWD!

Which is the fastest car in the world ?

all wheel drive on the street. four wheel drive to get out of the ditch

Whats your favourite F1 race track?

All wheel drive is nice, but worse fuel economy. With four wheel drive, you can transfer the power. AWD is great for sports cars, and some SUV's. 4 wheel is better for trucks.

What does VTR mean as car model?

My favorite: RWD. :D (fun, but not for dummies)
Second place: AWD (because it has traction influence on the front wheels while steering and accelerating in the same time)
I hate: FWD !!! (sucks in corners and standing starts)

When the best time to buy a car?

awd means you can't take it out of 4 wheel fwd means you can take it out and make it 2 wheel

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