A1 Grand Prix?

Question:What do you think of the A1-GP series? Will it become as popular as the F1 GP or is it already more popular? The cars being Equal makes it much more interesting, doesn't it?

Who's is your Favourite and who's going to WIN this weekend?


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Well, I don't think it's meant to be a rival for F1. It's an off-season thing to keep race fans amused until F1 starts again in the spring. That being said, I am very much interested. I think NASCAR's success has made the A1-GP's promoters realize that many fans are interested in seeing drivers compete on an even playing field.

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I think dat A1GP drivers are not as skilled as F1 drivers as evident from them making mistakes and running off-track. In fact, F1 drivers who cant make it go to A1, for example Alex Yoong.

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i dont think so... F1 is still my favourite

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A-1 is meant to be more of a 'stepping stone' FOR potential F.1 participants, not to equal it. Other participants include a few 'name' drivers from other series, such as Katherine Legge.

Formula I Race?

It just doesn't have the same skill level or outright pace of formula one. But it is a very good feeder category for formula one. Nelson Piquet Jnr is now testing for Renault F1 he used to race for the Brazilian team. I heard however it is getting cancelled.

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