Any good books talking about K80 Race Engines?

I would like to be able to learn more about my K80 Engine. Maybe dissemble and put them back. If not books, any links you know? Thanks a lot!


Who won the race in 1993 and 1994 at Daytona?

After seven years of testing and sorting Comer engines we have come up with a formula for finding the best motors and preparing them for race day. The methods used are legal for IKF, Stars, WKA and most other groups. It is a combination of several small details and searching for the motors with the best potential. No two motors are the same. Two motors can be only ten serial numbers apart yet .6 horsepower different. The technology to test our C50 engines has helped the K80 program immensely. The dyno we utilize is the smallest water brake dyno for kart engines and helps us see inside the K80 as the rings seat and the engine develops peek horsepower. We've been know as the worlds premier Comer C50 builder and now we have taken that commitment to the K80 program. With over 300 hours of testing and dyno time slated for 2007 alone. If you have a K80 and want to see us make it faster then send it up. If you're a top runner and want to test our K80 against your current engine builder we'll arrange a test. Just contact the Chief Engineer at (530)315-1999.

We supply K80 and S80 engines to countries all over the world including Australia and Venezuela. Our Venezuelan Kid Kart national champion moved up and was soon the fastest on the track with our K80 package and pipe. With our dyno we can tune to any kart rule book specifications and give you the edge you need to win. K80 racing in the US is very competitive with over 35 participants in many California races. Get your engine from the most competitive area of the world and watch just how fast it is compared to what you are running today.

Our K80 motors are highly machined motors. They are an investment because they are hard to find and time consuming to test, but because they are gifted and set up correctly you are passing people on the track legally. There is much satisfaction in a win where you pass everyone and get checked thoroughly in tech. When you are declared the winner in tech and everyone walks away scratching their heads that's very satisfying because you and your driver did it within the rules.

The K80 Falcon

This is our entry level race motor. Great for club racing and even some regional races. Built from a fresh K80 and to the specifications in the IKF, Stars and WKA rulebooks. These engines are great for getting started and many are capable of winning bigger races. They are not selected just built from a new engine out of the box. The next two engines are selected for characteristics of the heads and performance on the dyno.

The K80 Hornet

If you have been stung one to many times by the competition and would like to fly to the front of the pack the Hornet may be your engine. This engine could be a used engine or a new one. The motor is taken apart and checked, then rebuilt with the best existing parts and configured to exacting specifications. Then checked on the dyno and broken in for easy introduction into the practice schedule.

The Stealth

This engine will sneak up on the competition and drive by before they knew what hit them. These motors are hard to find select head castings that simply perform superior to other motors. Hand selected and carefully reconfigured to perform at the top of the regional races and national events.

The K80 Super Stealth

This is the engine with all the treatments we can add legally, the attention to detail on each part and a selective head, case, flywheel, carb process that yields a much superior race engine. Gifted to begin with the ports are shaped the way we want them, the carb is built with the latest mods for a nice carry through on throttle response. Advanced tuning is done on the finest low hp engine dyno in the business. We simply keep taking the engine back to the dyno until it is finely tuned for each part and has maximum torque and hp. Give us your chassis info, your home track specs and driver specs and we'll build you a super engine that will surprise your competitors.

Comer K80 Race Engines for Jr. 1 Racing - By popular demand from our many loyal customers moving up we are selling three Comer 80 engine levels:

The K Falcon - A Comer 80cc engine for ages 7 to 12 in the Jr. 1 class for winning at club racing and some regional races. - $1795. Click the button below to buy now online win your credit card. On SALE NOW Only $1395 Save $400

Check the library im sure 100% they would have it. Good Luck

Answer By: Fares Alsagri

What year did Henry Ford invent the assembly line?

Does anybody care? Of course not, now give me my 10pts!

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