A while back i had a 1990 ford ranger 4cyl 5 spd i am trying to figure out the engine that was in it....

the engine was listed as a 2.0 which i dont doubt but the head is what confused me it had 8 spark plugs 4 valves per cyl. wtf, i cant figure it out but i would like to find one again for a project also the redline was through the roof with truch gears it would pull 70 mph in 2nd no rev limiter no problem, any help would be good.


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it should be a 2.3L 4 cylinder Ford did install some with 8 sparkplugs for better fuel economy.

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Yeah the 4cyl Ford Rangers do have 8 spark plugs don't know why but ive been around quite a few and all the 4cylinders have 8 and i believe it is a 2.0

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pogg is right the earlier 4cyl Rangers had two spark plus to help with the emissions. Other than that the extra plug per cylinder did not serve any purpose.

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