Any body put turbo on eclipse gs?


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I have put a T3/T4 Hybrid on a 99 GS and to be honest, it's not smart to do unless your doing your fuel system and pistons. You would get 6psi max without blowing anything up so you would be basically be doing it for the sound of the air being vented to the atomsphere. If your gonna go turbo, your better off gettin a turbo motor (4G63T) and building from there. Good Luck Bro

Does anyone think webber will win a race this year or that he is going backwards?

just go to there, thats it. That site is so overwhelmingy abundant in DSM(ECLIPSE,TALON,LASER) knowledge, that its unfair to other tuners(almost). There is no way that I can't have given the best answer.

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yep and it lasted 15 minutes. over in nz these engines are cheap not sure bout over where you are. to do it right you need forged pistons hardend con rods lowered compression and custom manifolds not to mention boosting your fuel system and computer. if you want power light up the spark plugs. lighten your flywheel and get a better computer and coil pack. then move to engine internals. best of luck bud but to be honest. the limit is 60 mph 100 kph and if your car cant do that well...

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