Any Danicka Patrick Fans? What do you feel about Girl Racers?

Question:Personally, I have been raised around race tracks, super powerful speed, import cars, luxury homes, and wild racecar fans.
I enjoy being behind a racing wheel, the adrenaline rush...and I was hoping to be the 1st girl ever to make it in the world of Racing, but of course I was like 7 or 8 years old, when I had that dream...Now I see many women in television and in person learning more about cars, sharing their knowledge among successful men, and racing professionally as well...I guess times for us women are better, and filled with much more opportunities.


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Well, I'm not much of a race fan but the only reason I watch the IRL is because of Danica. She is easy to cheer for and she is pretty good too. Anwyas, girl racers can do the same thing any guy racer can do if they are talented enough. It's not like football or hockey which are contact sports, there is a big machine in between the drivers and there isn't any biological advantages or disadvantages for either sex.

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I'd hit it

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Danicaka is good at what she does, and gender shouldn't be a factor - ability. Although, I will say she is much easier to look at than the other drivers.

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You have to prove yourself, she hasn't. Oh she's proved that she can market herself but she is no driver. She will go away. Why do you concern youself that you're a woman, and not a driver, by the way?

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i think that she is a good driver that could use some improvements, but i think that a girl can do any sport and be successful

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I'm a big Danica Fan. I think she is very skilled driver. With her move to Andretti-Green racing she will have the equipment to prove that she can win in the IRL this year.

It doesn't matter if youre male or female, if youre talented youre talented.

I went to 4 IRL races the last 2yrs to watch her and you can see her skills alot better in person than trying to judge them from Tv coverage.

If you have a dream go for it.

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I love Danika Patrick. She's a great race car driver, and she's the hottest thing on the track I watched her in her first Indy 500 and she did great.


I think she's a talented driver, who happens to also be a beautiful lady. im a NASCAR fan, but because of her, now I also follow the CART circuit.

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I will say that I am a fan of the IRL and Danica. I'm glad she switched over to AGR, I think she will do well with a more experienced team and better backing.

As far as the criticism that she is a poor driver, let's look at the facts. She did well her first season when she had the advantage of the Honda engine. Now that everyone is using the same engine, that competitive edge disappeared, as did the fact that her team switched to the Dallara chassis later than everyone else and did not have any wind tunnel testing. That is a clear disadvantage for her that has nothing to do with her driving.

She is at least consistent in her driving and over time will improve. I simply wish that more people would see her as a driver trying to compete instead of focusing on a female trying to compete against men.

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Not only is she a hottie, she is really a good driver. Women can drive if they practice and work at it.

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My 10 year old daughter races open mod's in sprint kart. go to She loves to race and is darn good at it. As far as Danica goes, I think she needs to keep her head below the clouds. Thanks, Amy
Shadow Racing
Valley View, TX

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I would say the opertunities for women racers is there maybe more so for women than men. I do worry though that women racers get too much pressure put on them too early becuase they are women. I mean look at Danica Patrick she is a mega star and hasn't won an IRL race yet, and there are guys out there who have won races that can't get rides. Don't get me wrong Danica is good (most women are) but I think being female may have gotten her more hype than she is really do right now. But what I am saying - I would totally take advange of that too - you go girl.

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She's defiantely got the looks but she is overrated so far in her racing carrer. She's changing teams this year and i expect her to do better. Hope she succeeds too. She has had to earn respect so far and she has. Now this is the year she better show what she's got.

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I see know reason why a girl can't race. Not to mention I'd love to see a female version of a Michael Schumacher. That would be sooo hot. I'm all for girls being competative in todays world. Just focus and keep your head strong and I'm sure you can be sucsessful. Plus I'm SURE There sure lots of gentleman who would love that!

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I'm a big NASCAR fan and I'm ok with female drivers.

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