***ANYBODY here like Dirt Track Racing (Modifieds, etc.)? ***?

Question:Just this past summer, while vacationing in Canada, I got seriously hooked on dirt track racing at Brockville Ontario Speedway.

Any other fans of "gettin' dirty" out there?


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Yes, I love dirt track racing. In fact, I am a dirt track racer myself. Before I started racing I only went to 1 race and fell in love with it so I built me a car and started racing that same season. It took me about 5 weeks to build a car. It's not the fastest at the beginning but by the end of the season I was right up there with the rest of them fighting for a win. I finished 2nd in just 9 races.

How to become a professional race car driver?

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... i like dirt track racing!!!

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I LOVE DIRT TRACK RACIN!! my uncle races street stocks and someday i wanna start racin. I know exactly what u mean... the mods r a total blast to watch race!!!!!

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Love it,

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Lebanon Valley and then there is always Orange County. NY Good, inexpensive way to take the entire family to the track. Plus, what fun!

Ricky rudd?

I find dirt track much more entertaining and excitig than Nascar but it is hard to follow the big series (WoO, sprints, etc). The closest dirt track to me is 2-3 hours away in Hagerstown, MD.

My cousin was a mechanic for a late model in upstate NY.

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Love to go to the Chili Bowl and get dirty. Also went from Oklahoma to Eldora Speedway to watch a race get rained out!!! So disappointing.

Does anyone know where to find 1/24 die cast nascar collector's cars. I've tried Ebay.?

Dirt is for racing, pavement is for getting there.
I live in Ohio, I have 3 dirt tracks with in 1 hour of me and Eldora is about 1.5 hours away. I am in the heart of 410 sprint country.
I have several close friends that race sprint cars.
Best racing there is!!!

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