Any formula1 fans out there?

Question:So the 2006 F1 Championship starts March 12th in Bahrain. Any thoughts on the season ahead? Any surprises in terms of who's driving for who?

Alonso shocked me with his move, especially after such a great season last year. As for Barrichello, I can't believe he finally had the guts to up and leave Ferrari.


Are all NASCAR fans red-necks?

Your right but all this is going to make for great season! I can't wait for the races to begin! Go Ferrari!!!

Can anybody tell me if "poweroffroad .com" has gone bust.?

after a season of dissapionment ferrari are back.
with shumi and a new driver massa.
with a newily developed v8.

i can't weight to see schumi back to his routine winning races anr finally grab his 8th champion ship.


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