A question for people who are Nascar fans and think they know something about motorsport...?

Question:I'm not saying that fans of stock cars are "rednecks", I have absolutely no idea what that means. But I have this dilemma. What is it that makes you like stock cars and hate other motorsports, like Formula 1 for example?
What is it that you hate about Formula 1? I have been watching it for 10 years and I haven't seen anything that you saw as wrong. And I know a lot about F1.

And how come any driver can be greater than someone who won a title 5 times, in 4 different teams, in cars that could kill you in any second? I don't get it.


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The fundamental answer to your question is that F1 actually involves sport, and NASCAR is contrived.

Build a better car in F1? Good on you. Build a better car in NASCAR? Nope, we can't have that. NASCAR will find some way to penalize you, to make it "fair."

Can't get around the guy in front of you in F1? Try outbraking him. Try hounding him into a mistake. Try saving fuel while keeping pace with him and catch him on pit stops. Can't get around the guy in front of you in NASCAR? Run over him. No penalty. In fact, NASCAR encourages it.

NASCAR fans are simpletons. They don't care about technology, and they don't care about sport. They just want to see shiny, noisy things go by all blurry, and maybe the occasional fireball or barrell roll.

F1 fans like, well, *racing*.

That should clear it up.

And if you think the subtle nuances of F1 are present in NASCAR, you must be hopelessly addicted to some astoundingly mind-altering drug.

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I am a Nascar Fan,.I am not an redneck,I am a grandmother of 14.
I have watched formula 1 racing to.But it scares me,they are going so fast with really not that much to protect them.I believe Nascar does more to protect there drivers.

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I'm not a redneck, I am African-American and a woman so you can throw the lil Nascar fans are only rednecks theory out the window, burn & bury it!!

Anywho...what Nascar fans have said that they hate F1? You cannot place all Nascar fans in the same category. Just because some Nascar fans dislike F1, that does not mean that they speak for every single Nascar fan. F1 doesn't get as much exposure here in the US as IRL and Nascar does so that plays into why F1 isn't liked as much by Americans.

Besides...a lot of Nascar fans do watch other motorsports other than Nascar they just prefer Nascar more! I myself have watched a couple of IRL races and a couple of F1 races.

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Well I am not sure about those other "red" people but I love all cars and racing. For me its the ideal of watching the cars...its the sound of the engines.

My "interest" if you will say...are powerful noises to get my "blood" rushing.

Its exciting. I don't go and watch in the stands to see who wins...what do I care...its all about the vibration of the stands, the cheep beer and the energy of the crowd rushing thru you.

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Because they're "stock cars" (like stock cars you can buy at the dealers). There's more excitement around local men, driving modified local cars, with no open wheels. Yes, NASCAR was (and I mean was) a dangerous sport, and it lost it's biggest driver in 2001, Dale Earnhardt, but it is making leaps and bounds to make racing safer.
If it is a "redneck" sport, then every American, some Canadian, and Mexican is a redneck. It is growing in popularity fast.
F1 is a great form of racing, but there isn't much exposure in the US to it. If you had more Americans in it with more coverage, F01 might take off here, but until then, NASCAR is king.
The all mighty dollar rules the US, and a company will put it's name on a car getting the exposure. Liek I said, not enough exposure to F1 to get backing from many US companies, so again NASCAR rules.

In NASCAR, why do they start a race with 43 drivers?

I don't like F-1 because it's not exciting. Wherever the cars qualify for the race is pretty much where they will finish the race because there is no passing.

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Being a NASCAR fan I read these questions from fans of other forms of motor sport.I watch othere forms and have gone to other forms events.
I first saw a NASCAR race in 1960 on a 1/4 mile track I was hooked on racing.
And since then I have been to the 24 hours at Daytona,The Gator nations,Molsen GP in Canada,I watched the BAJA 1000 in the 70's as part of an emergency team,heck I've even been to a monster truck jam and a moto cross evenr.I've seen indoor midget races amd stood the ground at Indy.
But where ever I go I still like my full body stock cars.
It is not which is better it is which form of racing the individual enjoys.
And a little fact is football was nearly banned in the early 20th century because there were more deaths during the games than any othe sport.
Yes ANY driver in any form of racing can be killed or seriously injured at any time.

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I have a problem relating to drivers outside of Nascar, as I am a "redneck". F1 drivers and the like are a little too fancy or "big city" for a country boy, like myself.

Dale Earnhardt died not terribly long ago and he had won 7 titles, Richard Petty also won 7 titles.

Edward S: All of the points you just made for F1, apply equally to Nascar. Do a little research, before you speak.

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i hate F1 it is gay and people that like it are mainly gay as well

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Hi Renaultfan

Just can't stand to look at arrogant buttholes like Schumacher. Now that he's retired, maybe there is a chance that he will be replaced with someone who has personality. If there were more Tony Canaan's, Castroneves, and Elliott Sadler's, maybe F1 would have a better chance at attracting more Americans, Canadians, etc.

And why are guys like Montoya jumping ship to head to Nascar?
It's simply more popular, that's all.

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In NASCAR, the racing on the track is much closer than we find in Formula 1. I have tried watch Formula 1, but after about five laps it seems that the order is just about set.

I grew up around a short track and I guess I grew accustomed to stock cars. Therefore, I started following the higher series of NASCAR. No real explanation, just my choice.

Who was the Canadian race car driver who got killed I beleive about 10 years ago in Champ Car Series?

I like ALL motor sports NASCAR is my favorite. I think people live there favorite and just defend it.

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I am a NASCAR fan and no redneck. F1 is very techniacal, I refuse to watch this type of racing that's follow the leader. Where ever they qualify is usually where they finish.

One thing I do like is they put on rain tires and run in the rain.

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I love both and IRL as well... all three are racing but all are differnt.

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Keep watching Formula-1, where most of the time the pole sitter is the race winner...

Anyways, to each his own.

Personal tastes in sports is just that: Personal

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wilibeme23 do u have any idea what your talking about? F1 cars are extremely safe

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I think you have a good question; matter of fact I have asked myself this question. Personally, I like both of them.
But, just in the last year I have gotten hooked on Nascar. It is kind of like drinking coffee you watch one Sunday afternoon and then you just have to watch again the next weekend and pretty soon you give up other activities so you can see who will win the next race.

Formula 1; is harder to get hooked on because; one the don't have the marketing that makes you feel as if you really know the drivers, that they are a part of your family, so to speak. I think Danika Patrick came closest in a while to make us want to watch, but now she too seems to have lost that personal appeal.

Plus, they don't seem to televise the Fl races on a regular basis.

I don't watch for the crashes especially, I watch for the ones who are running in the top ten and then are trying to win. In F1, the one who starts out in first will normally stay there and no one really seems to try really hard to beat them out. There just doesn't seem to be the hustle you see in Nascar.

If 6 years ago you would have told me I would be a Nascar fan, I would have laughed in your face. But, here I am caught and enjoying myself.


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I started watching NASCAR 3 years ago becuase Kasey Kahne, a big name in racing (he has 6 wins this year-- more than any other driver) is from my home town and i went to school with him. Now that i have someone to 'root for' i just LOVE watching...and now I know LOTS about the sport.

F1 is not regularly televised on standard cable channels, for one. SPEED channel, maybe. They dont have tracks in tons of different states that garner as much hoopala as the Nascar ones do.

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i tried watching formula 1 but i can't tell the cars apart. And i hate the way they sound. They have that sport bike sound. And the races are very short. I don't hate formula 1 racing, i just don't like it that much. And i am not a redneck by any means, i hate rednecks to be honest with you, but i love nascar. GO KENSETH!!

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the racing part is ok. its the noise that they make and most of the drivers are foreign. you can hardly understand what they say. plus it seems that they dont interview the drivers and go into alot of detail where you can get to know the driver and the sport itself.
they are fast, they are dangerous. they are good drivers.
i dont hate f1, just dont watch it.

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I am an avid motor sports fan, NASCAR, F1, Boats of all typed. The greatest thrill is watching someone you are watching win the race. The thrill of competition and the winning of the race. Some people watch for the wrecks, not a good reason. Accidents can take a life in an instant and it is not fun to watch somebody die.

If you can have a one night stand wuth a nascar driver, who would it be??

hang on let me spit before i answer this(as i scratch my crotch and fix my cowboy hat).....
what exactly is the definition of "a redneck"?
country boy i am.grew up in south texas,live in kentucky.
stock car racing is pretty much a part of culture in these parts.
i do not hate F1 racing.it is just boring to me.they might as well just not race.qualifying is pretty much how they finish.no close racing or side by side.most passes are done on pit road.
there is not much of a market here in the states for F1.

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I'm not saying that fans of F1are "elitist snobs", I have absolutely no idea what that means. But I have this dilemma. What is it that makes you like F1 and hate other motorsports, like Nascar for example?
What is it that you hate about Nascar? I have been watching it for 30 years and I haven't seen anything that you saw as wrong. And I know a lot about Nascar

On this thread, I've seen FAR FAR more uninformed HATRED thrown toward Nascar than the other way around. I love all motorsports (except maybe truck & tractor pulls).

Does any nascar driver smoke?

Actually I like any form of racing. :)

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Open wheel racing is not a watchable sport. Passing is extremely difficult, and quite unusual.

Anybody besides my happy to see Tony Stewart knocked out of the chase?

If you like sitting in the stands at a nascrap race,watching gap toothed,mullet headed trailer trash with a '3' or a '8' tatoo on his back,then by all means go watch the idiots.(the fans are idiots,not all the drivers are).NASCAR fans are not race fans-they're NASCAR fans.A full set of teeth is more RARE than a high school diploma at a nascar race.

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i don't hate it. it's just that i never really sat down and watch one. if i would watch one i might like it. i seen the movie driven with them and didnt think they were bad cars. but that was just a movie

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This goes to dutch...

I love NASCAR. I have all of my teeth, nicely styled hair and I am working on my doctorate and master's and already have two undergraduate degrees. Don't make assumptions about drivers, but more importantly about the fans as you have no clue as to what you are talking about. You don't know me and I don't know you. The assumptions you made just now tells me that I don't want to either.

Now to answer the real question: I have loved NASCAR for years now. I have tried to watch F1, but like someone else has stated, it gets boring after about the first five laps. There doesn't seem to be much competition. Whoever wins the pole might as well be handed the win and trophy the very same day.

What does NASCAR stand for?

it's real simple, F1 is all about the car, NASCAR is all about the people. keep your million dollar cars, nextel cup cars are purposely low tech to put the race in the hands of the driver and pit crew, the way racing is supposed to be. you could train a monkey to drive one of those electronic marvels of F1 with their traction control(cheating boxes), driving an ill handling stock car takes far more skill, that's why NASCAR drivers are far superior to those overrated F1 drivers. michael shumaker would be lost in the bumper to bumper, beating and banging, and yes, far more exciting brand of racing in NASCAR. in america, we believe that passing, or overtaking as you europeans call it should be a part of racing, how can you stand to watch follow the leader racing with no passing or lead changes? boring with a capital B.

now let's talk about the pit crews. in F1 again, through technology, you let the machines do all the work. a jack that lifts the whole car up at once, one big hub on the wheels, electronic fuel pumps. just like with the drivers, the pit crew members need very little skill. in NASCAR, the pit crew changes 4 tires, using one hydrolic jack, lifting one side of the car up at a time, adds 22 gallons of fuel, the old fashioned way, with big, bulky, heavy gas cans, and makes adjustments to the car such as pulling a spring rubber out of a spring underneath the car, all in 13-15 seconds. an eye popping, amazing feat that these guys make look routine because they are great atheletes.

so there you have it. that's why we love NASCAR and don't follow F1(we don't hate it, we just have no interest in it). in america, our sports heros are people, not machines. in F1 it's all about the cars. in NASCAR, it's all about the people who make them go.

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