Any other Matt Kenseth fans out there?

I think he's the coolest guy in Nascar


I have 1948 india moter speedway ticket and enevelope both good condition any body know what it is worth?

i think i'm the biggest kenseth fan out there. I've been a fan since he came into cup in 2000. i collect all his stuff. You ought to see my room. I hope he wins the cup this year. They changed the point system because he won the cup in 2003 with one win. If he can win the cup this year, that would prove he can win the cup under any format.

In 1952 what company built the first purpose-built racing tire?

yeah man.

Is there a way to watch Nascar Nextel Cup on my PC, like you can with football streaming please?

Nope, I think you're it. Just kidding!

Qualifying lineups?

Matt Kenseth is the GOD of NASCAR< I have one whole room dedicated to him and my prize possession is an official Smirnoff black ice pit crew shirt signed by Matt at Martinsville

Who else thinks that IRL racing is more exciting than NASCAR?

prolly not MATT= YUCK

GO JIMMIE he is gonna when the chase

How is it possible for something to suck as bad as NASCAR does?

Not me, I'm Stewart fan. Matt is way too boring, he has no personality and no emotion. If he finishes 2nd he sounds like he finished 40th in his interviews. He is a really good driver, but yeah, his personality sucks.

Any predictions for Monaco Grand Prix 2007?

nope not at all
#24 jeff gordon all the way

What dose Elliott Sadler love to do on his free time?

Not me! He's so boring it makes me wanna cry. Kenseth is a wuss!!!

Which grands prix would you like F1 to remove from the schedule ?

he aint pretty & he aint flashy, but he surely can drive

What is your favorite Schumi moment?

I am hope he wins the championship.

Looking for 1:12 scale 1999 dale earnhardt jr car from intergrity motor porcelian on marble base?

I don't like him. I'm a Stewart fan!!! If he can't get along with Tony, then I don't like him.

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