Any idea of when the new season of the Top Gear is gonna start on BBC world ?

It has been many days since Richard has crash and there is no update on how is he now and when are they going to start the show. I can't wait to see the all new season.


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I have no idea, but it is certain that, as soon as Hamster is able to be on set again, in perhaps a week we'll see episode 1 of the 9th series of Top Gear. Some say that it will probably start in January. And that it will feature the Veyron on a power lap. All we know is, it will start with all three+the Stig.

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According to the official BBC website ( ... they don't know. However, it will be announced on there as soon as they've decided! Hope this helps

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Last I heard the show as not coming back till further notice by the BBC. They did want to take the show off the air so don't be to surpised if richard does not get better pretty soon the show will be gone.

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