Any thing new on Ray Evernham and Erin Crocker dating?


2007 Formula One Season?

No, can't say that I got that addition of the Nascar Enquirer..

What happened to kane and dale Jr in yesterdays race?

i dont think they ever were, but evernham's a pinhead

Which reserved seats do you recommend in Japanese GP in FUJI?

I'm so far behind on my NASCAR gossip. She must be getting a lot of perks if she is dating him. That's the way to move up in the business I guess.I don't really watch much racing besides the Nextel cup races. Is she driving in the busch series?Good luck on your question Harvick fan!

Who were world # 1 & 2 in Fomula 1 racing, died in a rece?

pretty sure this was just a rumor that would b wrong for one n she said he was like her dad which would maje it so very wrong i think it is just made up crap
have a great day

Who is the mother of Michael Waldrop's oldest daughter, Caitlin? Were they married?Does Caitlin live with him?

I have not heard anything new, but it is true though, because my dad is friends with Ray

LT1 or LT-1 what's the difference?

I must be behind on my facts - what happened to his wife, Mary??

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