20' rims slow down my mitsubishi eclipse?

I drive a 07 eclipse. It comes with 17 inch stock wheels and i want to put on 20' chrome. approx how much will it slow down on the 1/4 mile and 0-60 MPH if the new wheels weigh about 22 lbs?


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The obvious question here is why you want to upsize to 20" wheels? But for the moment, we'll stick to the performance implication:

First, chromed wheels are not an ideal choice for a performance application as the chrome finish can keep you from seeing cracks when they happen in the wheel. There are other reasons some avoid chrome, but as long as you are dealing with a quality wheel from a reputable manufacturer, these should not be a concern.

Second is how it will do to your acceleration. This has two affects - first is weight. You mention what the new wheels weigh, but not what the old ones do. 22lbs for a 20" rim is fairly light, and most likely only a few pounds heavier than what is coming off (unless these were ultralight race wheels). However, it's likely that the new tires will also run a pound or two more. Ultimately, let's take a round number of 5 pounds per wheel gain for the sake of argument - 20 pounds total. Not alot, but it is both unsprung weight and rotating mass.

Effectively, this means that the weight different is about the same as losing ~4hp (given the weight and power of an '07 Eclipse). But worse is the possible effect upsizing could have on your gear ratio. The stock tire size on an Eclipse is most likely a 45 or 50 series? Meaning that unless you get down to under a 30 series, you will most likely be increasing the overall diameter of the tire/wheel, and increasing the final drive on the car.

Also, since the wheels are heavier, your braking will be less effective. And you may find that your choice of tires is much smaller (there is a huge selection of performance tires for 17" wheels).

But giving an exact estimate of how much you'll drop off in your times would require more information on what you current have, and exactly what you wish to install.

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why would you want to put 20's on an eclipse? they will probably rub the wheel wells.

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any type of extra rotating weight, will hamper your cars performance, both 0-60, and stopping.I saw a guy with 20" on an eclipse, and he could barely turn the car. perhaps 18" would be a better wheel choice.

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