Any speedway fans here?

who do you think will be world champ this year and why and who will win elite league title coventry seem to be racing away at the moment from an ardent ex wimbledon original pit bend loony and you know who you are if you are an original pit bend loony ryil maidment team manager who were the riders ?


What are the constructor results after two races?

i get the feeling Nicki Pederson will be pushing again this year! and the elite title is unpredictable due to the play offs but Coventry are looking good!

Is it possible to DRIFT with a Front Wheel Drive car?

Not here, more a moto x fan myself...

Why there is no direct link to formula 1 from Yahoo?

oxford cheetahs all the way

I have a chevy engine i bought and realy can't detemine what it is i was told it was a 350 when i bought it

Still can't see anyone stopping Jason Crump from winning three in a row although I think Hans Andersen will be there or there abouts. As for the elite league I fancy Peterborough as an outside bet.

I'm need help because i want to creat my own team of drivers to enter in F1 races?

Speedway rider here! Northern California D1 1995-97. I sponsored Billy Janniro and Bryan Yarrow as kids!

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